Wed, Nov 19 2014 by Kristin Amico

Heading to a friend’s house this Thanksgiving? Why not bring a small gift they can use instead of another pie? Ok, maybe bring a pie, too, but these stylish host/hostess gifts will ensure you get invited back next year.

Reusable lunch bags and wine totes by Girls Can Tell

Lead-free pewter measuring spoons by Beehive Handmade

Recipe cards by Boy Girl Party

Can't make it to the store to grab one of these gifts? Give us a call and we can ship them to you: (401) 272-4285.

And speaking of pie, did you know:
-The first pie crusts, called coffins, were created in the middle ages to evenly cook and carry meat
-Americans repeatedly choose apple as their favorite pie
-Apple pie likely originated in England, not America


Sun, Nov 16 2014 by Kristin Amico

You won't find a place full of more glitter and cheer than Craftland during the holidays. We are excited to celebrate our amazing customers and the makers that make the amazing goods. So join us on Friday, December 5 from 5-9PM for limited edition gift bags, tasty treats, and a few surprises.

RSVP for the party at our Facebook page, and get your recycled shopping totes ready. On party night, shoppers will receive a 10% discount on all purchases over $100. We look forward to seeing you!

Mon, Aug 25 2014 by Kristin Crane

When I thought of doing this series of home visits to see Craftland items in their final homes, I knew that Kath Connolly would have to be featured. She's been one of our artists, and one of our most enthusiastic supporters, and has been a part of Craftland from the first of our pop-up days. She's seriously the best person in Providence, no doubt. I creepily invited myself over to Kath's house to take some photos, and because she's awesome, she said yes! Getting a personalized tour of all her artwork was so fun. 

First up, some amazing pieces by Cody Thompson, from way back in our pop up days. 

Who remembers the pop up year that there were the vending machines with art? Kath spent a lot of quarters to get a complete set of these Alec Thibodeau screenprints.

A more recent piece, a Pretty Snake kitty pillow. 

And, another recent find, a piece by Ricky Katowicz. 

It should also be noted that Kath has never missed a Craftland event, and has tasted every cheese ball. One of the reasons we were thrilled when she won a raffled off gift at our recent Reopening Party. Customers like her make it having a store in Providence the best!

Mon, Aug 25 2014 by Kristin Crane

You may have met our newest employee, Rocco! He helped us immensely get through our move and poured you all bubbly at our Grand Reopening Party. He's awesome! 

For his first ever staff pick, he chose his favorite new soap that we just got in from Biggs & Featherbelle. The special Koala Bar has tea tree and spearmint oil, and is all natural and great for the skin. 

We carry over a dozen different types of soap by Biggs & Featherbelle, as well as gift sets and body scrubs, and is the reason everyone who walks into Craftland tells us, "It smells so good in here." 


Fri, Aug 15 2014 by Kristin Crane

This is the window to my studio. There are two more reading, “SEW” and “FLY” as well. They’re meant to act as reminders – but I rarely need to be reminded to eat. Below, you’ll see what it looks like when you look in. Nice, but also messy… which is just the way I like it.

If you look close, you’ll see books, an iron, and even a pretend birthday cake. 

In here, I make things with the use of a sewing machine and a willingness to find ideas anywhere. In this spirit, about a year ago, I collaborated with my three year old on a special project for Craftland. Using her sayings, I made little wooden cameos.


I had realized that she is always giving me this genius wisdom, and I am always writing it down… so it only made sense to take those sayings and embroider them.

I begin with one of the above gems and proceed to my Brother “Project Runway” edition home sewing machine. Using crinoline (an industrial use fabric) and black thread, I carefully make lines using a freeform method. The resulting piece is partly made by me and partly made by the machine.



At a recent craft sale in NYC, a fancy lady asked me, “Who does your copy?” I was happy to let her know that it was this little bundle:

I just hope she never gets too mad at me for stealing her sayings.   

To close, here she is describing what she would do if given the chance to take a unicorn home. 


To keep up to date with Sparrow Sayings and other projects, please visit my blog here.

Thanks, and have a happy day.





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