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New York City artist Dan Butler will be presenting "Past Objects" in the Craftland Gallery from May 22nd – June 26th. 

Dan Butler's colored drawings are inspired by is life in New York City. Butler says, "Ornamentation (definition: Things added to something to provide decoration) in objects like buildings, fire escapes, streetlights, etc. are details I observe everyday in New York City. Industrial machines and equipment, also, have surprising allure with commanding presence of tough materials and weathered appearance. The existence of these things elevate my senses to the point of fantasy or dream and deepen my appreciation for the place and the people who envisioned and labored to create them."

"Past Objects" will be on display in the Craftland Gallery from May 22nd – June 26th. 

Please join us at the opening reception on May 22nd from 5pm – 8pm. RSVP for the event here

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