CALL TO ARTISTS: 2018 Craftland Holiday Extravaganza!!

Colorful Tie-Dye Candy Canes

Do you know Craftland’s origin story? Before Craftland became the year-round colorful craft bonanza you know & love, it was a wee little holiday pop-up shop. That was all the way back in 2002. We’ve grown up from a wiggly baby into a sassy teen, but the holiday season is just part of who we are, deep down in our bones. Our DNA is made of tinsel!

We want you to join our story, so we’re so excited to announce…

The artist application for the CRAFTLAND HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA is now open! Hoorah!! We’re looking for 50 new artists to join us this year, so if you’re crafty & creative and you have something to put out there, we want to hear from you!

Craftland’s Holiday Extravaganza is celebrated from mid-November right through the end of 2018, with a swingin’ kick-off party on November 24th. It’s always super exciting time of year for us, and we just love being showcase so much incredible work, talent, and creativity from our little corner of the universe. Craftland shows incredible work by EVERYBODY -- from teens to grandparents; from fresh-faced newcomers to seasoned professionals; from illustrators to photographers, woodworkers to knitters, soapmakers to jewellers, and everything in between. You’ll fit right in!

So why should you apply to the Craftland Show, you ask? First of all, everyone who works at Craftland is a creator in some way or another, so you can trust that we know and honor all of the love and attention that goes into your work. Secondly: Location, location, location! Craftland is located in the heart of bustling Downcity Providence, which means your work will get in front of hundreds -- nay, thousands!! -- of eager holiday shoppers. Another good reason? We understand how important it is to know when you’ll get paid, and we’re always super diligent in making sure our artists get paid on schedule.

Excited yet? I know it SEEMS early, but we’ll be hearing Jingle Bells before you know it. So don’t dawdle -- APPLY TODAY! The application deadline is September 15th, so get going!

Oh, and don’t forget to share this news on social media with your friends who make cool stuff!

We are super excited to see all the fantastic things you can do!

Ready to apply? GO HERE!

Intrigued, but want more info? GO HERE INSTEAD!

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