Craftland Artist: Angela Zampell & Hot Glue Heroes

If you've been to Craftland, you know we're fond of shiny things. We've always been a "more is more" shopping experience. That's why we're so excited to welcome Angela Zampell and her Hot Glue Heroes creations to Craftland's 2018 Holiday Extravaganza!

Some people might prefer to relax after a long day by curling up with a good book, but Angela unwinds by making these adorably kitschy & crafty vignettes. The end result are Hot Glue Heroes, now available as tree ornaments at Craftland. These dioramas may be tiny, but by golly, they deliver big delights!

Each diorama is assembled from vintage figurines, trinkets, and baubles, decorated with fancy art paper, trim, tinsel, glitter, and all held together with (you guessed it!) generous amounts of hot glue. Filled with things like plastic unicorns, teeny Tabasco bottles, vintage Santa figurines, and mini Kewpie dolls, Hot Glue Heroes ornaments have been delighting Craftland customers and staff from the moment they arrived in the store.

Our favorite part? Each diorama is made using a repurposed pet food tin. We love it! As artist who repurposes materials in surprising ways, a whiz with a hot glue gun, and a pet lover, Angela is a woman after our own crafty hearts.

Angela's passion for craft and vintage goes beyond Hot Glue Heroes. She's also the organizer of the Craft & Kitsch Winter Market, now in its second year. The market pops up on December 8th and 9th from 10AM to 4PM at the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative and will feature 28 vendors selling vintage clothing, handcrafted goods, original artwork, and a whole lot more!

You can learn more about the Craft & Kitsch Winter Market on their website,, and RSVP at the Facebook event page.

The Craft & Kitsch Winter Market is only one of many upcoming holiday pop-up sales happening in Rhode Island this weekend. We hope you'll attend Angela's event and help us support her and all of Rhode Island's independent artists this holiday season. Find more group artist sales happening this month using our 2018 Holiday RI Pop-Up Sale Map!

Thanks, Angela! We're so happy to have you at Craftland!

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