Dear Beloved Community


It is with heavy hearts that we have closed our doors. We have taken steps to sanitize every surface and engage in best practices of social distancing and excellent hygiene, but the risk that anyone would contract covid-19 within our community is not something we take lightly. We look forward to the time we can reopen and see your beautiful faces again!

In the meantime, you can purchase the very same wonderful sparkly handmade objects made by our fabulous makers and artists in our online shop. We will take turns going into the store to ship out orders weekly being sure to adhere to all CDC guidelines when packing up your orders. We are currently offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

You can also buy gift cards on our website to send to friends and family. Use them now or save them for later.

If you don't see something on our website but have seen something in an Instagram post - get in touch and we'll get back to you! We will continue to add things to the website too.

We will be posting these new product updates to our instagram and facebook as well as sharing some fun, creative and inspirational links to help keep you motivated.

Stay safe and take care,

xoxoxo, Craftland


(greeting cards by Ghost Academy, Ladyfingers Letterpress & Modern Printed Matter)

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