Design What Have You Studio Tour!

Ashley in her studio.
As Pride 🌈 month comes to an end we are excited to share with you our interview with Ashley (she/her) of Design What Have You, who makes our best selling pronoun pins and other inspired work! It was a blast to get a little behind the scenes glimpse into Ashley’s creative process, and her very cool black light tropical lair did not disappoint!


Ashley at the laser cutter


Your pronoun pins have meant a lot to our customers. We have had numerous people purchase pins as gifts or to help coworkers identify their pronouns easily. I would love to hear how you got started!

I had used a laser cutter before, but when I got my own, I was unsure of exactly what to start making with it. In a recent class I had taken, the teacher had us write our names along with our pronouns on a piece of tape to wear during class. After class I stuck the tape on my filing cabinet, which I see when entering my studio. I love pins, and so I thought to make pronoun pins.

Laser cutter working its magic (which is cutting using a laser)Pronoun Pins in progress
What has the feedback been?
The feedback has been great! People really love them and I’ve gotten a lot of appreciation for them. When I first started I only made She/Her, He/Him, and They/Them pins, but in the process realized that there are many more gender identities, and now pronoun pins to represent them

You mentioned that you gave pins to Youth Pride. Please tell me more.
Yes, Youth Pride Inc. @ypi_ri  is a great organization that works with and supports LGBTQ youth and young adults, and with all the bills coming out against young athletes who are transgender, and it being pride month I wanted to give something. So I emailed them and asked if they’d like a donation of pronoun pins and they happily said yes!
A handful of colorful earrings in progress.
A handful of colorful earrings, which are glowing under a blacklight. 
Your UV jewelry is awesome! Please tell me how you decided to incorporate it! 
There wasn’t really a “decision”, they just came about naturally, through the process. I just love bright and fluorescent colors. I first started with jewelry that would glow under UV light was actually with my line of concrete jewelry and I have all these LED party lights and some UV lights in my studio that at I turn on at night when I’m working late, so now with the laser cutter it made sense to make jewelry that glowed under UV light.

What’s next for you?

I have a bunch of art and craft sales I’m doing this summer- the next ones are @thesteelyard art market on July 3rd 10-3, then July 17 @waterfireartscenter art market 11-5 and then July 24 @rockandrollyardsale in downtown Providence 1-7pm. Beyond that, just going into the studio everyday and making more jewelry!


Thank you @designwhat, we’re so happy you’re part of our Craftland family! ❤🌈❤

You can find Design What Have You on their website, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as in store and online on Craftland!


With Love,

Heather, Nikki, and Team Craftland




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