The Origins of Craftland!

Ever wonder how Craftland came to be? Me too! I decided to ask the owner of the whole operation, Margaret, a few questions about Craftland’s origins.

What inspired you to start the original Craftland Popup?

Craftland was inspired by the brilliant mind and creative energy of Johanna Fisher. We dreamed up a place where we could gather so many friends who were making strange and wonderful things in Providence. We were so lucky to also collect a team of radical women who helped make the dream real.

What was it like running the original popup?

The original pop-up was all shaky furniture and things pulled out of dumpsters and covered in paint and felt and love. We threw parties with bargain cheese balls and cheap wine and people came out and supported our rickety show and "business plan". It was magic.

Why make the move to brick and mortar?

Because we relied on the kindness of landlords letting us use empty spaces, we were transient. As we grew, the work involved grew and we all were volunteers with other jobs. We were offered a space and decided to be a grown up business in 2009.

I love how much fun the Craftland displays are, especially the tables and promo art. What inspired the colors and designs?

Many hands initially went into the construction and design of Craftland's displays. It's always been fun to give people power tools and see what they can make. One of my favorite ever tables was in the shape of a blue octopus made by Allison Kyner. We chose fabrics from the bargain floor at Lorraine's and colors to brighten up the dark days of winter.

What are your hopes for Craftland’s future?

My hope for the future is that Craftland can continue to support our local artists and arts organizations with the work we do. And have fun doing it.


Want to be a part of Craftland’s community of artists? Our Holiday Extravaganza application is open for all artists and crafters. Thank you to Margaret for answering my questions and sharing some of Craftland’s past, as well as hosting such an amazing space!


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